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I Dedicate this page to the WOLVES, our BROTHERS and SISTERS of Yellowstone and other places where they should be on MOTHER EARTH and where the CREATOR With his WISDOM put them, but, some of MAN in their ignorance seem to want to destroy them completely PLEASE HELP STOP THEM...

For Those of You who are not Faint of Heart, Please Click above and see the Destruction that people cause our Brothers and Sisters of the Animal World, WARNING these images are GRAPHIC!!!


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A Fallen Brother

Sitting he listens to the howling in the distance, he studies the voice that is familiar to him for it is one of his pack.

He answers to let the others know where he is. He has sat here for a while watching the Paleskinned two legged creature put something on the earth.

Watching he sees the creature put something over these things with branches and grasses they have pulled from the earth. He wonders what these strange creatures are doing?

Never before in his life has he seen the redskinned creatures do anything like this, for they take life with HONOR and ask FORGIVENESS.

He has seen these paleskinned creatures before many times, and it seems that every time more of his brothers and sisters die.

Do these creatures and the thing they put on the earth have anything to do with the deaths of his brothers and sisters?

He knows that whatever kills his people takes only the robes they wear and leaves the meat rotting on the earth.

He has seen the same thing among the buffalo, and other peoples that roam and live in the forests and plains.

He has no concept of the killing except to feed the pack, why would you kill anything that you do not eat?

The buffalo that he and his pack have found on the plains they have eaten as much as possible before the meat spoils.

He has seen the dens of these paleskinned creatures made from the tree peoples so that they are strong and solid.

He and his pack have seen the robes of many of his friends and others stuck to the walls of these dens.

Why does it seem that these creatures kill all that they see? What is the reason for it?

His pack and others that he knows about, take only the sick, tired, and the lame, and they take these so that they may eat.

He calls the pack to him and lopes down to where the creatures were seen putting these things upon the earth.

As they come into the area he makes the rest of the pack hold back as he moves forward so he can see what they have put there.

It is a strange thing that he sees there on the earth, it is not like anything that he has seen before and he investigates it.

It is shaped funny and seems to have teeth of its own, but there is a piece of meat there and it is not eating it, so he reaches to take it.

As he moves his head forward to take the meat he hears a loud snap and feel something strong close around his neck.

He finds that he cannot breathe and struggles with whatever has a hold on him but, he cannot shake it loose.

Slowly and painfully he surrenders to the darkness that envelopes him, even as his pack tries to help him without success.

Slowly the pack watches the LIFE and SPIRIT pass out of him, and then take the piece of meat because the pups need to eat.

The pack has learned something from this death of a brother, never again will they come close to the paleskinned creatures.

For surely they are the most dangerous of all the creatures that they have seen on SACRED MOTHER EARTH, for they kill not to eat but, just to KILL !!!!

Dale Eagle's Wing Freeman 1998

  TATANKA, to Brother & Sister BUFFALO


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