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This page is Dedicated to The Brothers and Sisters of the Buffalo Nation and those who have so unselfishly given of their time and monies to help Protect the Buffalo Peoples, May we all say THANK YOU for this..



Mother Earth trembles with the thundering sound of the Buffalo's hooves striking her body.

The Buffalo run, frightened by the flash and sound of the Thunder People in the west.

They run Eastward toward the Rising Sun, East home to the Standing Big Red Mountain.

This was the sounds of the prairie and plains before the coming of the white man.

Now you can only feel the tremble and sounds from Mother Earth in places where the Majestic Buffalo is protected.

For, no longer do they roam the prairies and plains as they did time before time, as the Creator intended.

Today the Buffalo People are rounded up as if they were part of the cattle of the white man who use Tatanka's land to feed upon.

Today they are killed, but not in a Sacred way, but shot as criminals so that the cattle of the White Man won't get brucillious.

Why are these cattle on the land of the People anyway, who gave them permission to feed their cattle on land owned by everyone in the country?

I do not remember being ask by the Ranchers if it was ok to feed their animals on my and my families land.

For that is what they are doing there, they are paying to feed their cattle on land that belongs to all of us.

Have the People walked so far away from the Creator and the constitution that guarantees our voice in this country?

What is happening when the People's who have roamed this country from time before time, without end, can no longer walk or eat where they choose?

How much longer can this go on, before the Creator and Mother Earth say that is enough?

What does the future hold for those who are born today, will they ever see the Majestic Flight of the Eagle?

Will they be able to hear the beautiful and haunting Howl of our Brothers and Sisters the Wolves?

Will they ever be thrilled with the feeling Mother Earth tremble with the pounding of the Hooves of the Majestic Buffalo?

The way things are going today, with the rights of the People being ignored by those we have chosen to be our voices in these matters, I doubt that today's children will ever hear these sounds and feel these feelings......

by Eagle's Wing Freeman 1998

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