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This is dedicated to a BROTHER of mine who has passed on to the Spirit World, he passed unexpectedly at the age of 51 years. Although he never had a drop of Native American blood flowing in his veins, He was more Native American than most of the Indegenious People that I know. He truly believed in the Great Spirit and Mother Earth and did all he could to help others live with Mother Earth and all her Peoples. I hope he knew how much he was loved by me and a lot of others, for I had made him my Brother. As follows the tradition I will not speak his name, but, will call him the Brother who has passed on..... Eagle's Wing Freeman 1999

My Brother

I miss you Brother, you who has walked many paths with me.

I remember the times we have smoked the Sacred Tobacco together and burned the Sacred Herbs to cleanse ourselves.

I think of the many conversations that we have shared as you listened to the words of the Elders before us with understanding I found hard to believe.

I will forever see you at the ceremonies and rituals that you enjoyed so much, for you will never be forgotten.

Each time I walk the many trails we walked together I will feel you walking at my side.

I will remember your face the day at the making of relatives, the look of joy that you shared as I claimed you as my Brother.

You will always be a member of my family, my clan, my tribe, and of the People.

You once asked me how I could take you as a brother if you had no blood, You didn't need the blood my friend you had the HEART.

I have many brothers and sisters that have the blood, but I have very few who have the Native Heart you have.

I have prayed that your Spirit will always walk there in the Spirit World as I know you will.

One day when it is my turn to pass on, we will once again be able to smoke and walk the trails again.

Till then my BROTHER know that you will not be forgotten and I will tell others about the White Brother that I have and how RED your Heart was.

Know this Brother and know that you will always have a place in my Heart and I will MISS YOU

Eagle's Wing Freeman 1999


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