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Spirit Flight

In spirit I fly, on the flow of the four winds,

through valleys and over mountain peaks,

where once my people dwelled in peace.

Following Rivers of pure, clean waters,

filled with the people of the swimming clan.

Over virgin forest thick and teeming,

with the people of the four legged clan.

I soar among the cloud peoples and watch

as the people of the flying clan search for food.

In the morning light of Grandfather Sun I look,

into the meadows and watch the crawling people clan.

All these things and more I watch and notice,

For these people are all my relatives.

From the smallest grain of sand on Mother Earth,

to the tiniest drop of water in Father Sky,

they are all my relations and respected by me.

For is not this the way that the Creator made us,

isn=t this the way that we were instructed,

by the Ancestors and all the Elders?

This is the way I have been taught,

this is the way that I believe.

My only wish and Prayer are that the rest of the people

would also come together as one, in Spirit,

And once again Return to the Spiritual Ways....

by Dale Eagle's Wing Freeman copywrite 1994

  QUOTES and WORDS of the ELDERS..


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