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O'siyo O'gina'lii

Greetings Friend,

It is my wish for you to enjoy these Poems that come from

my heart. I truly hope that they will bring you something

of the feeling that many Native Americans feel.

We are Proud of Our Heritage!



Grandfather I come to you today in need of a Spiritual Healing.

I came with the gifts of Sacred Cedar, Tobacco, And Sweetgrass.

These Gifts I have taken in a Sacred manner from Mother Earth.

I come with tears in my eyes; my heart, and soul in my hands.

Answers to questions of the Way of Life is what I seek.

Why have our People walked so far away from the Good Red Road of life?

Why is there so much Violence and Hatred between the Four Races of Man?

The GREAT SPIRITand CREATOR did not put us on this Wonderful and Bountiful Mother Earth to try to annihilate each other.

I alway thought we were put here to Tend and Care for Mother Earth, and all Her plant and Animal Peoples.

Have I been that Wrong for so long?

Today I watched huge machines ripping and tearing at Mother Earth,moving it first one way and then back again.

Why not leave it where the Great Spirit and Creator intendedin the first place?

Why did the White Man try to eliminate the Red Man?

Why do the Black Men Want to get rid of the White Men?

All this just to try to Own the Land, no one can own the land.

Just when they think they do, Mother Earth sends a volcano, earthquake, or storm and moves the land back where it belongs.

When will Mankind stop being so ignorant?

When will they learn that we are here to care for Mother Earth, Not Own Her?

Possibly then WE can once again Live in Peace, and above all,WALK IN BALANCE with Mother Earth and ALL HER PEOPLES....

by Eagle's Wing Freeman 1995



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